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2021 Product Catalog 4th Quarter

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06 Stanley Otterbox 10 Igloo 30 14 Brumate 34 16 Polar Camel 36 18 Bison 38 20 Orca 40 22 42 Rtic 26 Yeti Swig Slate Grizzly Pelican Simple Mordern

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ip s traw z 22o Iceflow flip straw 20oz fl ow ip Ice flo w fl Icefl THE ICEFLOW FLIP STRAW COLLECTION str aw 30 oz

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Ice flo w fl ip str aw 17o z a Keep it cool and hydrate in style This water bottle is the perfect partner for early morning hikes or kayaking on the lake It features a built in straw that flips up for easy sipping then snaps tight to stay fully leakproof Stanley s double wall vacuum insulation also keeps drinks icy cold longer The easyto hold ergonomic shape and rotating handle allows for a quick grab and go 18 8 stainless steel BPA free Double wall vacuum insulation Leakproof flip straw Easy to carry handle Car cup holder compatible Dishwasher safe

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Sleek design meets superior unbreakable construction in our toughest flask yet It s engineered with cold rolled steel and finished in the perfect Foundry black powdercoat The ergonomic shape also slides easily in your hip pocket for anywhere adventuring Internal threads on the cap make for smoother sipping or swigging and the wide mouth allows for easy refills 8OZ HIP FLASK STANLEY 6 LEAK PROOF DISHWASHER SAFE 1 0MM 18 8 STAINLESS STEEL WIDE MOUTH OPENING BPA FREE

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Stanley Legendary Classic Bottle Small 20oz Stanley Legendary Camp Mug 12oz Stanley Stay Chill Beer Pint Stanley Easy Fill Wide Mouth Flask 8oz Stanley Easy Pour Growler 64oz Stanley Legendary Classic Bottle Medium 1 0qt Stanley Unbreakable Thermal Bottle 1 4qt Stanley Unbreakable Hip Flask Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler 30oz Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler 20oz Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler 22oz Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler 17oz

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We re offering you a whole spectrum of cool The Tag Along Too personal hands free cooler is easy to carry and comes in a rainbow of bright colors from red to blue for a fun stylish take on how you keep drinks and snacks cold TAG ALONG

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The classic Legacy 54 cooler is here to upgrade your next outing whether it s a backyard barbecue or to the lakeside campsite With equal parts good looks inspired by vintage ice chests from back in the day and handy features this is the hard cooler that has it all 54T Q LEGACY COOLER IGLOO 10 CLASSIC STEEL EXTERIOR BOTTLE OPENER COOL RISER TECHNOLOGY LEAK RESISTANT DRAIN PLUG

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Igloo Trailmate Journey Igloo BMX 52qt cooler Igloo BMX 25qt cooler Igloo Latitude 30 Roller Cooler Igloo Playmate MaxCold Backpack Cooler Igloo Playmate MaxCold Tote Cooler Igloo laymate Gripper 16 MaxCold Soft Cooler Igloo Tag Along Too 11qt Cooler Igloo Playmate Gripper 22 Sport Soft Cooler Igloo IMX 24qt Hard Side Cooler Igloo IMX 70 qt Hard Side Cooler Igloo Half Gallon Sport Jug Igloo 30 oz Vacuum Insulated Tumbler Igloo 20 oz Vacuum Insulated Flask Igloo 24 oz Vacuum Insulated Bottle Igloo 36 oz Vacuum Insulated Bottle 70 Qt

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REHYDRATION BOTTLE The most functional water bottle of its kind the Br Mate ReHydration Bottle is a 25oz canteen with two functions Hydration Mode and Party Mode Holds 25oz of your favorite liquor so you can keep your spirits ice cold while on the go with a leak proof twistoff lid that doubles as a 1 5oz shot glass Or screw on the included straw lid with a durable easycarry handle so you can rehydrate the morning after and use it as your all day go to hydration bottle for any occasion or activity Drink Better Whenever Wherever 25OZ

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TODDY MUG BRUMATE Part of Brumates new M V Collection is the world s first 100 leak proof insulated mug with a handle designed for your favorite hot drinks Includes new BevLock Technology with a fully leak proof locking lid The Toddy is your versatile go to mug from toddies to coffee and everything in between Works with cold beverages too NO SLIP BASE SO YOUR DRINKS STAY PUT NO PARTY FOULS HERE DOUBLE THREADED LEFT RIGHT FRIENDLY 16OZ LEAKPROOF LOCKING LID 14

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Br Mate Hopsulator TRiO 3 in 1 12oz 16oz Br Mate Hopsulator DUO 2 in 1 12oz Br Mate BOTT L Beer Bottle Insulator Br Mate Hopsulator Slim Can Holder Br Mate Juggernaut 24 25oz Cans Br Mate Rocks Tumbler 12oz Br Mate NOS R Insulated Nosing Glass Br Mate GROWL R Growler Bottle 64oz Br Mate Fifth Liquor Canteen 25oz Br Mate Winesulator Canteen 25oz Br Mate Imperial Pint 20oz Br Mate Toddy Insulated Coffee Mug 16oz Br Mate Champagne Flute 12oz Br Mate Highball Tumbler 12oz Br Mate Margtini Tumbler 10oz Br Mate UnCork d Wine Tumbler 14oz

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20 oz Stainless Steel Polar Camel Travel Mugs feature double wall vacuum insulation with a clear slider lid They are 2X heat and cold resistant compared to other tumblers Polar Camels are made from 18 8 gauge stainless steel 18 chromium 8 nickel also known as type 304 Food Grade 20OZ MUG POLAR CAMEL 16 DOUBLEWALL VACUUM INSULATION WITH A CLEAR LID BPA LEAD FREE SWING TOP POLYPROPYLENE LID

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Polar Camel 15oz Mug Polar Camel Ringneck Tumbler 20oz Polar Camel Water Bottle 32oz Polar Camel 16oz Pint Polar Camel Pilsner Pint 20oz Polar Camel Pilsner Pint 14oz Polar Camel Insulated Beverage Holders Polar Camel Stemless Wine Tumbler 16oz Polar Camel Ringneck Tumbler 30oz Polar Camel Ringneck Tumblers 10oz Polar Camel Stemless Wine Tumbler 12oz Polar Camel Water Bottle 40oz Polar Camel Growler 64oz Polar Camel Slim Can Holder Polar Camel Water Bottle 20oz Polar Camel Handle Mug 20oz

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HARD COOLERS BISON A cooler s one job is to keep things cold It sounds simple but it s all about the details Bison dedicated themselves to perfecting the art of the rotomolded cooler One piece construction means fewer places for cold air to escape and less chance for a lost or broken part plus two inches of cooler wall insulation means double the ice retention of our competitors BUILT IN RULER FOR MEASURING FISH TWOINCH THICK INSULATED COOLER WALLS OVERSIZED DRAIN PLUG FOR FASTER DRAINING AREA BUILT FOR CUSTOM LID GRAPHIC OPEN GRAB HANDLES FOR SECURING COOLER 18

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Make your business stand out from the crowd with this ORCA cooler It s made of plastic with durable roto molded construction comes in several fantastic colors and has 20 qt storage Features include a lid gasket for the perfect seal a single flex grip stainless steel handle cargo net attachment integrated insulation for maximum ice cold retention and freshness and an easy flow drainage spout Get more people to know about your brand 20QT COOLER ORCA 20 DURABLE ROTO MOLDED CONSTRUCTION LID GASKET TO ENSURE A PERFECT SEAL EASY FLOW DRAINAGE SPOUT SINGLE FLEX GRIP STAINLESS STEEL HANDLE

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ORCA Chasertini 8oz ORCA Vino Wine Tumbler 12oz ORCA Chaser Caf Mug 20oz ORCA Chaser Tumbler 16oz ORCA Chaser Tumbler Powdercoated 27oz ORCA Hydra Bottle 22oz ORCA Hydra Bottle 34oz ORCA Hydra Bottle 66oz ORCA 20qt Cooler ORCA 26qt Cooler ORCA 35qt Cooler ORCA 40qt Cooler ORCA 58qt Cooler ORCA 75qt Cooler ORCA Orca Walker 20 Soft Cooler ORCA Walker Tote Soft Cooler

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Perfect for toting your on thego items out to the ballfield gym pool track sports practice or errands This backpack has plenty of room to store what you need to keep cold for up to 24 hours Two mesh side pockets for easy access storage of water bottles The top lid has an interior mesh pocket perfect for dry snack bag storage The outside is made of heavyduty polyester with an interior utilizing high density insulation 32CAN DAY COOLER BACKPACK RTIC 22 KEEPS COLD FOR UP TO 24 HOURS INTERIOR MESH POCKET PERFECT FOR DRY SNACK BAG STORAGE SOFT FDAAPPROVED FOOD CONTACT INTERIOR

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RTIC 20 Quart Cooler RTIC 45 Quart Cooler RTIC 65 Quart Cooler RTIC Ultra Light Cooler 52qt RTIC SoftPak 20 Can Cooler RTIC SoftPak 30 Can Cooler RTIC Day Cooler Backpack 15 Can RTIC Day Cooler Backpack 32 Can RTIC 20oz Tumbler RTIC 30oz Tumbler RTIC 1 2 Gallon Bottle Jug RTIC Skinny Can Holder 12oz RTIC Lowball Tumbler 12oz RTIC Coffee Cup Mug 20oz RTIC Coffee Cup Mug 12oz RTIC 36oz Bottle NO MINIMUM

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CHOOSE A HUE THAT COORDINATES WITH YOUR GEAR Designed to weather all kinds of bumps and bruises From steaming hot coffee to refreshing cool water Elevation keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot

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You need plenty to drink for a day on the lake a neighborhood potluck or a road trip Elevation 36 carries enough for you with plenty to share Designed from rugged stainless steel to weather years of use and abuse your growler is ready to keep your favorite beverages the right temp everywhere you go It s also designed with a collection of lids you swap out to match the moment lids sold separately Comes with Screw in Lid 36OZ ELEVATION BOTTLE OTTERBOX 26 100 STAINLESS STEEL INTERNAL COPPER LINING MAINTAINS IDEAL TEMP SWEATRESISTANT DESIGN COMES WITH SCREW IN LID

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Otterbox Elevation Tumbler 16oz Otterbox Elevation Tumbler 20oz Otterbox Elevation Bottle 28oz Otterbox Elevation Bottle 64oz Otterbox Elevation Lowball 10oz Otterbox Elevation Mug 14oz Otterbox Elevation Wine 10oz Otterbox Trooper Soft Cooler 30qt Otterbox Venture Cooler 25qt Otterbox Venture Cooler 45qt Otterbox Venture Cooler 65 Qt Otterbox Soft Cooler Backpack Otterbox Trooper Soft Cooler 20qt

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HOPPER SOFT COOLERS YETI Hopper Backflip 24 YETI Hopper Flip 8

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The Hopper was built for those adventures where you want to grab your gear and go It s the original 100 leakproof ice for days portable cooler And because we used materials found in things like HazMat suits and whitewater rafts it s also tough as nails YETI Hopper M30 YETI Hopper Flip 18

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Your morning brew stays hot and your iced coffee will stay cold so take your time Kitchengrade stainless steel with double wall vacuum insulation will protect your drink at all costs Like the entire Rambler Family the 30 oz Tumbler and whichever lid you put on it are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning 36OZ RAMBLER TUMBLER YETI 30 18 8 STAINLESS STEEL DOUBLEWALL VACUUM INSULATION DISHWASHER SAFE BECAUSE NO ONE NEEDS MORE WORK TO DO SHATTERRESISTANT CONSTRUCTION

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YETI Rambler Tumbler 30oz YETI Rambler Tumbler 10oz YETI Stackable Pint 16oz YETI Rambler Bottle 18oz YETI Rambler Bottle 26oz YETI Rambler Bottle 36oz YETI Rambler Stackable Cup 26oz YETI Rambler hotshot Bottle12oz YETI Rambler Stackable Mug 10oz YETI Rambler Mug 14oz YETI Rambler Mug 24oz YETI Rambler Lowball 10oz YETI Rambler Wine Tumbler 10oz YETI Rambler Colster Can Holder 12oz YETI Rambler Colster Can Holder Tall 16oz YETI Rambler Colster Slim Can 12oz

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NEW r 32oz T umble SWIG LIFE 12o zS kin ny c an c oo le r

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14oz W ine Cu p a eg M oz 24 ler ug M n Bot 12oz ca tle coo We are excited to be adding SWIG Life products to our list of impressive brands SWIG is set apart by not only its functionality but the style that each collection offers Owned and operated by women for women this brand delivers on core distributor products like mugs tumblers can holders and wine tumblers with a refreshing new look This brand is perfect for women lead companies employees or those who appreciate stylish designs

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TUMBLER SWIG Thanks to our triple insulation technology this tumbler keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours This larger version of our classic tumbler still features a slim profile making it cup holder friendly and comfy to hold The increased capacity means you get to enjoy more of your favorite drinks with fewer refills KEEPS DRINKS COLD UP TO 24 HOURS AND HOT UP TO 12 HOURS FITS MOST STANDARD CUP HOLDERS DISHWASHER SAFE INCLUDES BPAFREE LID CONDENSATION FREE 32OZ 18 8 STAINLESS STEEL 34

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Swig Wine Tumbler 14oz Swig Wine Tumbler 12oz Swig Golf Series Tumblers Swig 32oz Tumbler Swig 22oz Tumbler Swig 24oz Mega Mug Swig 18oz Mug Swig Skinny Can Holder Swig Can Holder Swig 30oz Bottle Swig 20oz Bottle

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SLATE 36 20oz Vacuum bottle 20oz Vacu u m Tum bler With a wide range of products available that look similar to more coveted and recognizable brands customers who choose Slate will be receiving sleek products with plenty of functionality This brand is perfect for big companies needing larger quantities of products that their recipients will still appreciate keep and use

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Surprise everyone with something new and unique like this Grizzly cooler It s environmentally friendly bear proof and made of stainless steel making this perfect to take on camping trips It has a 15 qt capacity features a shoulder strap for easier carrying and comes in several fantastic colors Add your logo to this and appeal to your more outdoorsy customers Make this a part of your next promotion to draw more people to your place of business 15T Q COOLER GRIZZLY 38 BEARCLAW LATCH IGBC CERTIFIED 1 TIEDOWN SLOTS DRY ICE COMPATIBLE

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Grizzly Rocks Tumbler 11oz Grizzly Camp Cup 11oz Grizzly 12oz Can Holder Grizzly 16oz Pounder Can Holder Grizzly Grip Slim Can Holder Grizzly Grip Tumbler 20oz Grizzly Grip Tumbler 32oz Grizzly Grip Bottle 20oz Grizzly Grip Bottle 32oz Grizzly Grip Bottle 64oz Grizzly 15qt Cooler Grizzly 20qt Cooler Grizzly 40qt Cooler Grizzly 60qt Cooler Grizzly 75qt Cooler Grizzly 100qt Cooler

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ELITE COOLERS PELICAN Pelican Elite Coolers perform to higher standards better than any cold locker tougher than any icebox Pelican Elite Coolers are true next generation innovations created to last a lifetime From the latches to the freezergrade seal to the toughest handles in the business EXTREME ICE RETENTION PRESS PULL LATCHES INTEGRATED CUP HOLDERS MOLDED IN TIE DOWNS 20QT NON SKID NON MARKING RAISED FEET 40

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Score big with clients when you hand out this branded Simple Modern Summit water bottle as your next gift It s made of stainless steel and has a lid that comes in several fantastic colors to suit every personality Add your company name or logo and give your clients everything they ve been asking for 22OZ WATER BOTTLE SIMPLE MODERN 42 COLD FOR 28 HOURS OR HOT 12 HOURS STRAW LID TWISTS ON AND OFF TO MAKE REFILLS AND ADDING ICE A BREEZE CONVENIENT HANDLE ON LID

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Simple Modern Summit Water Bottle 32oz Flip Lid Simple Modern Ascent Water Bottle 32oz Simple Modern Ascent Water Bottle 20oz w Straw Lid Simple Modern Kona Mug 16oz Locking Flip Lid Simple Modern Kona Summit Water Bottle 32oz Straw Lid Simple Modern Summit Water Bottle 18oz Straw Lid Simple Modern Ascent Water Bottle 17oz Simple Modern Ascent Water Bottle 32oz w Straw Lid Simple Modern Ascent Water Bottle 20oz w Straw Lid Simple Modern Ascent Water Bottle 17oz w Straw Lid Simple Modern Summit Water Bottle 22oz Straw Lid

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